Tips to Secure the Best Global Entry Appointment

A lot of planning and preparation is required if you want to pass the Global Entry Appointment interview. And in order to get the best possible appointment for Global Entry, you need some tips to help you get started. To help you ensure your chances of securing a convenient time window for sentri appointments, make sure you follow these steps.

Start Application Early

It is very important that you start your Global Entry application process as early as you possibly can. This will give you more appointment times to choose from. Remember that appointment availability varies depending on enrollment centers and regions. So it’s best to apply early to increase the chances of getting your preferred date and time.

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Look Into Enrollment Centers

You have to find out which Global Entry enrollment centers are most accessible from where you are. Most enrollment centers are located close to local airports or border crossings. Make sure that you have taken the time to visit or check out different enrollment locations so you can set an appointment at your most convenient time.

Be Flexible with Your Schedule

Remember that you cannot control when you want to get interviewed for Global Entry. They set the appointment for you and there might be changes along the way. So make sure that you are prepared to leave for the day at the most unexpected time in case an opening for an interview comes up.

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Consider Trusted Traveler Program Interviews

It is best that you consider in-person interviews for Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI, and TSA PreCheck. If you are qualified for these options and you are interested to look into different programs, you may want to schedule interviews with more than one.

You always have to remember that sometimes, some applicants get appointments easily while others have to wait longer. Be patient and persistent since appointment availability can vary depending on demand and location. Keep trying to find the best schedule for you and do not be afraid to look into other options if possible. Use tools that can get you an appointment because others have found this helpful too.

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